Homemade pizza!

Hey, hope you’re all doing well! Yesterday, me and my family made our own pizza, and it’s absolutely the best! It was really fun and I enjoyed the time with my family, the music playing in the background and us talking. This is just a short, short post to keep u guys a little bit … More Homemade pizza!

Chai latte + mascara?

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing really well:) I’m doing great, and actually really been loving school so far. You know that sometimes you get really tired and don’t want to go to work or school? Well, actually that hasn’t happened yet and I’m very excited about the assignments that we have been getting! I … More Chai latte + mascara?


Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve all been well and not been sick! I recently got sick and now I’m home with a sore throat and a cold. And, yes I’m really sorry again for not posting anything. It’s really hard to meet friends, study, exercise and write some posts now an then on the blog. … More Sick

Long time

Hey guys,sorry for being gone so long. I just started school again, and I still can’t get rid of my jet lag… But anyway, I did also notice that u have been busy and not had the time to blog and look at other peoples blogs. From now on I will post something perhaps every … More Long time


Today I went to the Mob Museum and to a party, which was inside the museum. The party was fine, not the best but still okay. And after the party we decided to go to Fremont Street to see what was happening there, and it was awesome! I’ll post some pics but it was really … More Fremont

Haul (again!)

Hey! Hope you’re all doing well:) Today I have relaxed by the pool and I also went to an outlet because my mother needed some blouses. And as we entered Calvin Klein I saw some underwear I NEEDED to buy! I know everyone has them but I tried them on and OMG, they’re sooo comfortable! … More Haul (again!)

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, what a place! Today I visited the famous national park in Arizona. It was incredible and beautiful! I actually don’t know what more to say, it was breathtaking and I think I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves! Have you ever been to Grand Canyon? Or is it something that’s going on … More Grand Canyon

Hollister haul

Hello again! I promised you guys a haul, so here it is! I bought a pair of jeans, a necklace, two blouses, a hoodie and a sweater! Striped off-the shoulder blouse – Hollister Navy blue sweater – Hollister White hoodie – Hollister Choker Necklace – Aldo Bohemian printed blouse – Hollister Jeans – Levi’s Tell … More Hollister haul